Magazine Tells Vanunu Story

A three-page cover article urging the release of Mordechai Vanunu appeared in the May issue of Jewish Currents, a monthly magazine of liberal Jewish opinion.

The author, Doris Katzen of Aptos, California, documents Vanunu's career as nuclear weapons technician, whistle-blower, kidnap victim, convicted felon, and prisoner serving an 18-year term.

"History shall judge the courage of this man and the risk he took for all of us," she writes. The article also quotes the late Sir Yehudi Menuhin:

"The case of Mordechai Vanunu does not rest on presumed guilt or innocence. He was certainly not guilty of murder or torture, as are his judges and captors, but they have betrayed standards of civilized conduct. I shall never quite accustom myself to the applied law which would place the one who tells the truth in chains and celebrate the lie. Of course, it depends on who is in power."