Transcriber's note: This letter has been excerpted, and in a few cases the syntax has been changed slightly. The word 'Rome' was re-inserted into the letter, where it had been blacked out by the the prison censors. The abbreviation 'N.W.s' stands for 'nuclear weapons.'   This letter was written in two different stages, starting in March.  Sam received the letter on July 24.

March 9th 1999

Dear Mr. Sam Day,

I want to send you and to all the others who worked with you in Washington many thanks and appreciations for all your activities on behalf of my release. I only hope that I will be free soon as possible to meet you and others. That you will enjoy to see me free. That success is waiting for you and others for all your devotion to this case.

This year Israel spies decided by action to delay my letters for more months, something they did do before, more than three months for a letter to reach you. I don’t understand their mind, but the result is people are not receiving my letters, they cannot write me, and will be less concerned about my release.

I have suffered much by the psychologic warfare with solitary. And my answer now “to flee” from my cell. “The battlefield.” Leave it empty then all their war is not succeeding. Receiving the opposite result.

The court rejected my appeal against the Parole Board who deny my release after 2/3 time, so we appealed to high court and without great expectation.

Other appeal waiting since Feb 21 1998, is to send me back to Rome from where they kidnapped me and to publish the trial protocol. Since 1986 - Israel vs. Vanunu H61/86. Until now the spies involvement in the high court delay those appeals.

I think this new manager here - Lazariah Abraham - was recruited especially for this case by Israel “Mosad” spies to serve them. Giving him orders what to do in any event like with all my letters to delay or punish me, or not to allow visitors to see me. But he will not succeed to help them because I learned their minds’ system. He is doing what they asked him to do. But I am keeping my mind myself, very cool, self-control. Now it looks like he is going to leave after less than a year.

(this next apparently written later:)

Next, received your letter March 23, with the information on your achievement in Washington - 35 signatures and very strong letter by Lynn Rivers and Bruce Vento. It is a real change, this time more than what they said 2 years ago, with supporting my act against N.W.s not only in Israel but in all the world. It is new spirit and maybe in the future it will be spread among most of the Congress and Senators.

So I want to send many thanks to each one from the Congress who signed that letter and to all those who were with you in Washington. I wrote to Lynn Rivers, and Bruce Vento, and as you wrote to Margaret Tanzman. I would like you to write more about all those who were with you. 15, you wrote. And about how you are working, whom you meet. All this information you and others can write me. That can let me know how politics in Washington is working. That maybe I myself will come to do also, when I will be free. If it is to meet Congressmen or give testimony or interview or any other meeting in Washington.

That will be my great moment, to survive all what they are doing to me and still be able to continue my mission. What they tried to prevent 13 years ago by kidnapping and long time in prison. So I’ll need your help and others when will come to U.S.

I hope you at least had some satisfaction. Enjoyed this hard job mission you had too, and all those meetings in Washington. Or if you had met peoples from the anti-N.W.s organization. You are not writing much on all your activities. Like next conference in April 23 in Italy. I heard about other meeting in London. Here in Israel all is in silence. They are not doing anything and not even raised this subject, N.W.s, in all the next election.

Neither the Jews nor the Arabs all of them ignoring my case imprisonment in N.W.s in secret. You and others in Washington had more concern on this case than the politicians in Israel. All this means only U.S. leadership and pressure will force Israel to end its N.W.s ambition.

Dream is to make Israel a small state in the Middle East, no more super power with N.W.s. Time come to bring peace and destroy N.W.s, with Dimona reactor. Until now this Dimona reactor was not open to inspection and no one demanding such simple act to open the reactor for inspection, by all parties in this election. In this Jewish state there is no criticism on this subject.

The only way to deal with Israel is, first of all, take from them N.W.s. Then this state will go toward democracy and peace with Arabs, as they tried to do in the 1950’s.

So the danger of N.W.s is double twice. One is the N.W.s as mass destruction. Genocide weapons. Second, the use of that power to support dictatorship.

I hope this letter will reach you soon, and I’ll write more.

Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Vanunu Mordechai J.C.