Legislator 'Persuaded By Principle'

Statement of Rep. Lynn Rivers at March 18 news conference in
Washington, DC:

        I have been asked many times why I chose to involve myself in this cause. Am I anti-Jewish? Not at all. Much to the contrary, I have been a strong supporter of Israel during my time in Congress. Am I anti-war? Well, I don't know many people who are pro-war, but I am certainly not anti-defense. I recognize the need for nations to defend themselves. I do not have a personal agenda that brought me to this effort.  I was persuaded by principle.
        Mordechai Vanunu did not take this action for money.  He was not looking for fame.  He was motivated by the belief that the actions of his government were dishonest, potentially disastrous for the Israeli public, and, most importantly, part of a world-wide competition to acquire nuclear
weapons  -- ultimately placing all mankind in peril.
        Mordechai Vanunu has paid a price for his principles.  But if we do not stand by him and others like him, we will pay an even greater price for our lack of principles.