Knesset Member Petitions High Court of Justice:
Demands Same Rights as Convicted Criminals

-by Rayna Moss, for The Israeli Committee for Mordechai Vanunu and for a Middle East Free of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons

Knesset Member Yossi Katz (Labor Party) petitioned the High Court of Justice on December 8, after his request to visit Mordechai Vanunu in prison was turned down by the Ministry of Public Security. Katz, who has lobbied for Vanunu's human rights for several years, had requested several times to meet with Vanunu. After several delays and various excuses, his request was finally turned down by the security forces.

In his petition, MK Katz stated, that this is no longer only "the Vanunu affair," but it is now a matter of the Knesset's honor. Katz said that the only people who are allowed to meet with Vanunu without any restrictions are the convicted criminals who are serving their sentences in Ashkelon Prison together with Vanunu.

Knesset Members from Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) have also been told that they cannot visit Vanunu for "security reasons".