Knesset debate on nuclear policy

by Rayna Moss
Israeli Committee to Free Mordechai Vanunu
January 27, 2000

The debate in the Knesset on Israel's nuclear policy, initiated by MK Issam Makhoul from Hadash, will take place on Wednesday, February 2, in the afternoon. This is the first time ever that the Israeli parliament will address this issue.

MK Makhoul has invited several prominent individuals involved in the nuclear issue to attend the debate: foreign ambassadors, anti-nuclear activists, experts in the field and Mordechai Vanunu, nuclear whistleblower and political prisoner. Makhoul sent an invitation to Vanunu at Ashkelon Prison, inviting him to witness this historic event. Although there is no chance that Vanunu will be able to accept the invitation, this gesture recognizes the crucial role that Vanunu has played in forcing Israeli politicians to address the life and death issue of nuclear weapons in this country. In addition to initiating the debate, MK Makhoul has consistently lobbied for Vanunu's release from prison.

If you are interested in being present in the Knesset for the debate or want any further information specifically about the Knesset debate, please contact Gideon Spiro, tel/fax 02-6254530 or