The focusing of attention on the ticking time bomb in the Negev Desert marks a triumph for Mordechai Vanunu and all who have supported his cause of nuclear truth-telling.

But Mordechai remains in prison, facing five more years of an 18-year sentence for blowing the whistle on his government's nuclear arsenal, the sixth largest in the world. It is a secret arsenal built by Israel and protected by the United States.

Our goal of freeing him from jail is not yet within our reach.

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Chalk one up for Mordechai Vanunu! And let's chalk one up, too, for you, me, and the thousands of others who helped win a big one for this political prisoner-of-conscience.

The banging of the speaker's gavel in Israel's highest legislative body in February marked the first time in the history of the Jewish State that the Knesset had permitted open discussion of Israel's secret nuclear weapons program.

It was a big victory for Mordechai and his supporters around the world because the principle of nuclear truth-telling was what he went to jail for 13 years ago, enduring more than a decade of solitary confinement in a 9-by-6-foot isolation cell. The debate broke a 40-year taboo on the subject.

Recent publication on the internet of satellite photographs of the reactor has helped the walls of secrecy to crumble further. In the week of August 11-18, Israeli TV and press have published photos of the reactor - something that would have been unimaginable only a short while ago. (See below.)

July 3 2000:  from the U.S. Campaign to Free
Mordechai Vanunu:

An invitation to join the Washington Gathering to Free Vanunu, Sep 26-28 2000

June 28 2000: from the Bay Area Campaign to Free
Mordechai Vanunu:

An invitation to join the September 28 vigil

· On November 24, under court pressure, the Israeli state's attorney released a censored transcript of Mordechai's 1987-88 secret trial, in which he was convicted of espionage and treason for telling a British newspaper about Israel's nuclear weapons reactor at Dimona, where he had worked as a technician.

· The story backfired on the prosecutor, portraying Mordechai as a sincere idealist who wanted to take nuclear weapons policy out of the hands of a small leadership clique and share it with the citizens of Israel.

· Mordechai's revelations produced a storm of media interest in Israel and abroad, leading to demands for a full public airing of Israel's nuclear weapons policy.

· On February 2, a Palestinian legislator took the matter to the floor of the Knesset, only to be drowned out by hecklers and stone-walled by a government spokesman who repeated the old and discredited line that Israel will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East.

· A top-rated American nuclear weapons designer concluded that Mordechai has no technical nuclear secrets to reveal, despite Israeli assertions to the contrary.

· An Israeli scientist, prompted by the debate, warns that the aging Dimona reactor has become a growing safety and environmental threat and should be shut down immediately.

selected articles from the U.S. Campaign's
Spring 2000 newsletter.

Knesset Breaks Taboo on Israeli Nukes
Prisoner Has No Secrets, Nuclear Expert Affirms
Close Dimona, Scientist Urges
Minister Cool to Early Release
A New Serenity for the Prisoner
Mordechai: 'I Want to Be Free'
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An Artist's Tribute to Vanunu
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May 18 2000: from the Israeli Committe for Mordechai Vanunu:
Knesset Member Hosts Anti-Nuke Event in the Knesset
May 15 2000: from the Jerusalem Post:
UN Expected to Push Israel on Nukes

May 10 2000: Mordechai's thoughts on nuclear reactors:
A letter from Mordechai arrives in Wednesday's mail

on May 26 2000

Mar 14 2000: Ha'aretz carries two important
articles explaining why Israel's 'ambiguity'
policy is not going away:

Barak Wants Clinton to Renew U.S.
   "Nuclear Pledge"

A President's Promise: Israel Can
   Keep Its Nukes

Vanunu needs your letters!
The address:

August 18 2000: from the AP:
Israeli Paper Prints Photos of Nuclear Reactor

August 16 2000:
Israel TV Shows Nuke Reactor Photos

August 17 2000: from the Israeli Committee for
Mordechai Vanunu:

Vanunu Supporters Meet with Japanese Diplomat

August 11 2000:
The Israeli Committe for Mordechai Vanunu Wins the Legal Battle for Vanunu trial transcripts

July 3 2000:  from the U.S. Campaign to Free
Mordechai Vanunu:

Free Vanunu!   No Nukes!   join us August 4 in Washington

June 18 2000: from the Israeli Committee for
Mordechai Vanunu:

Ethics Court Convicts Yediot Journalist for Vanunu Smear

June 8 2000: from Ha'aretz Weekend Magazine:

No More Secrets

June 2 2000: from Ha'aretz Weekend Magazine:

At the May 26 protest at Dimona

May 30 2000: from the Israeli Committee for
Mordechai Vanunu:

Vanunu Supporters Testify at Israeli Ethics Committee

May 26 2000: from the Israeli Committee for
Mordechai Vanunu:

Biggest Ever Anti-Nuke Protest at Dimona

selected articles from the U.S. Campaign's
Summer 2000 newsletter.

A Message from London
New Coalition Follows Up on Vanunu Revelations, Vows Closer Watch at Dimona
Barak Regime Turns Ugly
Clinton's Secret Letter Protects Israeli Nukes
Carter Hits Failure of West to Prod Israel on Nukes
Israelis Gain More Access at U.S. Labs
Israel's 'Diplomatic Genius' Of Covering Up Its Nukes
U.S. Nukes Are Also to Blame

'People's Campaign' Will Feature Vanunu
Conference, Vigil, Rally Scheduled for September
An Appeal from the U.S. Director

From Ashkelon:
Vanunu Calls for Civil Disobedience
Prisoner Says No to Asking for Pardon

Time to End Nuclear Secrecy, Writer Urges
Scrap Nukes, Rabbi Urges
Three More Countries Join the Campaign
Prison Photo Inspired Swede to Take Action
New Zealand Asked to Help
Supporters Active on West Coast
Green Star Co-Op Votes for Mordechai

The U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu

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