This photo from the May 26 demonstration at Dimona, Israel, that marked International Women's Day for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament, appeared in Ha'aretz weekend magazine on June 2, 2000 (photographer: Alberto Zankberg).

Aviv Lavie, the magazine's media critic, wrote the following caption:

This photo did not manage to come to the knowledge of the Israeli public: last Friday, at the Rotem Intersection, near the Dimona nuclear reactor, the largest demonstration to date was held for inspection of nuclear weapons and for the release of Mordechai Vanunu. According to the organizers' estimate, there were about 130 demonstrators present, mainly women, from a variety of women's and environmental organizations, and even the Black Hebrews from Dimona joined the protest. Sammy Sokol, the spokesperson of the Alternative Information Center, notified all of the media, invited reporters and sent out material, but this had no effect. Except for a short item on the military radio station's morning news program, there was not even one mention of the demonstration in the Israeli media. The common excuse: everyone was busy covering the developments in Lebanon. The Four Mothers movement also started out that way.

In his next column, Aviv Lavie corrected his above report, noting that the local radio station Radio Darom (Radio South) addressed the demonstration twice in its broadcasts, including making it the subject of an hour-long debate on the program Radio Darom's Parliament.