A Letter from Mordechai Arrives in Wednesday's Mail

Editor's note: This text is an excerpt of a letter written by Mordechai Vanunu on November 23 and December 9 1999. The letter was finally mailed by the authorities on April 30. It was received in the U.S. on May 10 2000.  Some grammar has been changed to make it more readable.  N.E. stands for nuclear energy.  N.W.s stands for nuclear weapons.

November 23 1999

…About nuclear reactors: it is very true, that the reactors become older and the authorities become more lax instead of the opposite, to be more severe as the reactors become older.

As you may have read, many states in Europe have decided to shut down all their reactors for energy. Even Germany decided to close all its reactors. Such new policy in Europe is interesting. Why is the U.S. not also following Germany, Sweden? It means there is no more necessity for all these reactors, and it is enough, all the nuclear waste that the world has accumulated.

So maybe the U.S. too must start being interested to end its Nuclear Energy, or to find solutions for Nuclear Waste, or new kind of energy. Even if other states in Asia, like China, who need many more reactors, or next India - all Asia needs much energy and they are going to use N.E., yet those developed states - Europe, U.S. - if they can work without N.E. they should stop all the reactors, so as to not produce any more Nuclear Waste, or have any catastrophe like Chernobyl.

It is good that people are raising this problem in court in the U.S. It looks like the new judges, or post-Cold War authorities who become judges, and juries, are able to understand and support such activities. They can be aware to Nuclear dangers, and you can be acquitted as it happened in Scotland.

So if you fight all the N.E. reactors in the U.S, that will open the way to fight N.W.s. If the public opinion will be against reactors, they can also support the ban of N.W.s. That is the real war target: to abolish N.W.s.

In this new Millenium, 2000, we are going to take back all that nuclear proliferation. We will reverse the spread of reactors, until the world will use new technology, and clean energy. The world has learned from a short history of 30-50 years that all those reactors are not good at all, and the world needs to find an answer. The world doesn't need to wait for another disaster…