In the midst of the state of Israel there is a Nuclear Reactor which has manufactured, up to the present day, hundreds of atomic bombs. If a failure occurs, unestimatable damage will be done to the surrounding population, and if this failure is a grave one, the damage could spread over the entire area between the Jordan river and the sea..

The nuclear weapons, which are in the hands of Israel, encourage nuclear weapon competition in the region . This will lead to a reality where the majority of countries in the Middle East will have nuclear weapons - in other words- a reality of a nuclear balance of horror. If an atomic bomb is dropped over Tel Aviv the whole area from Hulon to Ramat Aviv and from Givatayim to the sea-will evaporate. People, houses, cars will not turn to dust; they will turn into gas. About half a million will die and the number of the wounded will be twice as many. The entire area will radiate cancer long after the bombing is over and it will be impossible for people to live there.

Many experts say that the Nuclear Reactor in Dimona is very old. Reactors of a similar type and age have long been closed down in other countries. Moreover, from the little information that the public received recently, we learned that the active radio waste, which is a very dangerous by-product of the reactor, is being buried close to it.

Esteemed experts of Environmental Protection warn us against this manner of burying the waste. Geologists remind us that Dimona is located in an area of a geological rift, and nobody can guarantee that the buried waste will stay buried.

The only way to prevent the disaster that is liable to happen in our area is to make sure that no country in the region possesses weapons of mass destruction. The U.N. and the government of the United States support this stand, but all Israeli governments continue to oppose it. During the last few years we have witnessed an ever-growing international activity, which calls for the disarmament of nuclear weapons. The international Court of Justice in Hague, in 1997, ruled that atomic weapons are illegal. The realization that after the use of nuclear weapons no winning side will remain, is penetrating the consciousness of the entire world.

Women representing various organization throughout Israel, are organizing a day of protest and study opposite the Nuclear Reactor. The studies will deal with the following issues :

-The right of citizens to obtain information regarding the nuclear capabilities of Israel-
-Health and environmental damages-
-Israel's nuclear policy and the ramifications of a nuclear balance on the political reality of the Middle East.-
-The contribution of women to the struggle.

We call upon both men and women to join us in the protest and study tent, near the Reactor in Dimona on Friday, May 26, 2000.

For details please call Hagar 02-563147, or Tikva 02-6241159.

JERUSALEM - from Gan Hapa'amon
TEL AVIV - from Rakevet Tzafon.. Leaving at 9:00 AM. Returning home at about 2:30 PM.

-The Coalition of Women for International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament of Nuclear Weapons

Bat Shalom is a feminist peace organization working toward a just peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Bat Shalom, together with The Jerusalem Center for Women, a Palestinian women's peace organization, comprise The Jerusalem Link. Visit our web site for more information and our latest activities: http://www.batshalom.org