Vanunu Supporter Slates Last Visit

Yossi Katz, Mordechai Vanunu's lone public supporter among Jewish members in the Israeli Knesset, planned in February to make what might be his last prison visit to the anti-nuclear whistle-blower.

Katz had to go to court for an order to visit the prisoner alone in his cell. The security services sought to delay or prevent the visit, even though Katz is a member of the foreign affairs and defense committees and thus cleaerd for top secret information.

The High Court of Justice agreed with Katz his right to visit Vanunu as a Knesset member was a matter of principle. Katz has met with Vanunu in the past. As an influential member of the Knesset he has been viewed by some as a potential broker of release terms for Vanunu.

Katz was recently appointed ambassador to Berlin. His departure for Germany will leave the five Palestinian members of the Hadash party as the only Knesset members openly supporting Vanunu's early release.