Prison Photo Inspired Swede to Take Action

by Ann-Britt Sternfeld

I was sitting in a prison in England for having taken part in a Plowshares action against nuclear weapons when I decided that I wanted to do something for Mordechai Vanunu after regaining my freedom.

Someone had sent me a picture of Vanunu, which I put on the wall of my cell. I looked at him again and again, especially when I was sad. It was as if he helped me through my ordeal.

I knew that he, too, was sitting in a cell. He had been jailed in Israel for so many years just for telling the truth. He did it for his people in Israel. He did it for people all over the world. He did it for me.

So I felt I had to do something for him. I owed him that.

Thatís why I took the initiative to organize a Swedish Vanunu committee.