Biking for Peace - and Vanunu Release

Oslo, 28 08 00

Dear friends of Vanunu around the world - and particularly in Israel,

This is to inform you that a Norwegian friend of mine, Tore Narland, now plans a tour in Israel this Xmas - Dec. 26- Jan 2, 2001. The preparations are in the hands of a travel agency and the cost for participants joining in Oslo is estimated at NOK 11 000 (UK pounds 1 000).

The plan is to travel to relevant places in Israel and combine this with political manifestations, see people in the government and Knesset, and meet with local organizations. In the case of Israel he plans to add a message on a Nuclear-free Mid-East and Free Mordechai Vanunu.

He has reserved 20-50 seats on the plane from Norway, and hopes to establish contacts with local organizations, who are welcome to join the bike ride.

Fredrik Heffermehl at the Washington DC
vigil September 27.
Photo by Felice Cohen-Joppa

For decades Narland has organized bike excursions all over the world, with a fairly general message on the merits of biking, health and peace - but generally also with a clear anti-nuclear message. The offer to Norwegian participants has an element of general tourism that shall attract and appeal to the general, non-political public. It would strengthen the Vanunu profile of this trip if Vanunu supporters from around the world would join the bike ride and use (and create) the opportunities to speak up for Vanunu that may arise.

I have recommended that the itinerary must go from Jerusalem to Dimona - and then on to Ashqelon prison for a vigil at the prison gate. Ideas for itinerary, contacts, events and advice for the travel are all very welcome. Communicate them directly to Mr Narland - (with a cc to me).

Best regards,

Fredrik S. Heffermehl go

Fredrik Heffermehl, of the International Free Mordechai Committee, is president of the Norwegian Peace Alliance.