Former Nuclear Reactor Employee: I Prevented a Nuclear Disaster in 1963

Yediot Ahronot
Sep. 14, 2000

by Yoram Yarkoni

A former employee at the nuclear reactor in Dimona claimed that in 1963 he prevented a nuclear disaster and subsequently his health was damaged and he was fired.

In the claim, that was filed with the Tel-Aviv District Court, Yitzhak Tshuva (62) from Beni-Brak demands compensation in the amount of 2.5 million shekels from the Atomic Energy Commission. In the claim, that was brought by Adv. David Mena, it was argued, that in the course of Tshuva's work in the control room, a leakage of "heavy water" started near the reactor core. Tshuva claims that he endangered himself, went down to the basement, stopped the leak and thereby prevented an explosion in the area.

Tshuva claims that in the course of his action his body was covered with "heavy water", which led to his military medical profile to be permanently lowered to 21 points [i.e. unfit for military service] and to his being fired. The Atomic Energy Commission stated that its response will be presented in the defense writ.