Report from the Australian Campaign to Free Vanunu

Irma Trnka
Convenor, Australian Campaign to Free Vanunu

Our Vanunu Day here was a great success!

We actually made the national radio news bulletins in the morning with very extensive coverage that in several churches throughout Sydney today (24 September) Mordechai Vanunu was being remembered with the upcoming anniversary on 30 September, mentioning St John's and Mordechai's history in detail finishing with an interview with one of our members, who is a writer, giving Mordechai's history, what he did, why we still support him etc. Both services were very well attended with guest speakers Peter Millar (of the Iona Community in Scotland) and Jeff Hallam from Friends of the Earth speaking eloquently and passionately on Mordechai and nuclear issues.

The large banners on both sides of the church property continue to attract lots of attention from Olympic visitors and locals alike - with lots of people photographing the banners which will stay up including October 1. Media Release have gone out to all major newspapers, radio/tv stations etc. and we are getting some interest, which is a miracle as really the Olympics are the only topic here!

Apart from that - there is a special table at the back of St John's close to the baptismal font where a large book on Mordechai with press cuttings, letters etc. is kept and where any e-mails you send me, newsletters, bulletins and any new information is always available for visitors to the area to look at and take away. For the whole of the month of September since the banners went up, especially during the Games, I have had to redo a lot of the leaflets and newsletters as visitors have shown a great deal of interest and the word is spreading!