Report from the Canadian Campaign to Free Vanunu

by Meir Amor

I'm just coming from a vigil and an evening meeting for Mordechai Vanunu in Toronto. We've been doing this vigil for the last six years. We have a small and devoted group of people committed to the release of Mordechai Vanunu and in support of his struggle; a struggle we see as ours.

Throughout these years, we've been also gathering small amounts of money that will await him when he will be released from the Israeli prison.

Each year we hold a vigil and demonstrate in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto, Bloor street. We sign a petition which is sent to the Israeli consulate, to the Canadian prime minister and foreign offices. In the letter we demand from the Canadian government officials to intervene and demand from the Israeli government the release of Mordechai Vanunu from prison.

For us Mordechai Vanunu is a hero of peace not a "traitor" to be held in prison for "treason". In Toronto, Mordechai Vanunu has a strong and warm support.

We were glad to hear and read that Tel-Aviv is going to protest for Mordechai Vanunu too. We hope to celebrate his release soon. We hope that the demand to "Free Mordechai Vanunu now!!" would be loud and clear and it will bring his release.