Anniversary Vigil Report from Leicester

From the Leicester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

We held our street stall to remember Mordechai on 23rd September. We leafleted and had the petition to be signed; we chalked out the size of his cell on the pavement with information around it about his sentence, his time in solitary, and how long he has now served. One of our members sat in a chair wearing a Mordechai mask. Most people cannot believe the cruelty of the sentence. Later, leaflets were also at a Peace Exhibition being held in the City, and a card was sent for his birthday.

A protest letter was sent to the British Foreign Office by the Chair of the Leicester City Council Peace Action Group, Cllr. Paul Westley. Anna Cheetham read out in the street on a megaphone, Mordechai's poem to Fay Green - Buried Alive. Then on Thursday 5th Oct National Poetry Day, she took 'Direct Action' and added, uninvited, to the opening remarks of two exhibitions at the City Gallery in Leicester (where along with her friend Anne she had a Peace Exhibition in the upper gallery) a reading of Buried Alive.