Anniversary Vigil Report from Salisbury

From the Salisbury Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Wiltshire, England

Salisbury CND organised its annual vigil for Mordechai Vanunu in the city centre on Saturday, September 30th, the 14th anniversary of his being abducted by Israeli agents. One hundred and eight people wrote messages of support or their names in a book for Mordechai. They admire his strength and commitment during the 14 years he has been in prison in Israel for opposing its nuclear weapons policy.

No-one could miss the striking 8 foot high double-sided billboard in front of Salisbury Library with its large photos of Mordechai and brief details of his incarceration. In front burnt 14 candles. CND members handed out leaflets and invited people to write in the supporters' book which has been sent to Mordechai in prison together with some photos of the event. A photocopy of the book has been sent to the Israeli Prime Minister with yet another plea that his government commutes the remainder of Mordechai's sentence.

Everyone hopes that the Israeli authorities will release Mordechai either on parole - long since due to him - or as an act of clemency and that he will not have to complete the remaining 4 years of the 18 year sentence meted out to him in 1986. They are very glad he has been released from the solitary confinement within Ashkelon Prison he was been put back into for over four months.