Leaflets Reveal the Peres Story

A New York City audience that turned out September 28th to hear Shimon Peres brag about his role as a Middle East peacemaker got quite a different story from 300 leaflets passed out at the Columbia University event.

“Shimon Peres Bears Full Responsibility for the Abduction and Imprisonment of Mordechai Vanunu,” said the leaflet headline.

The leaflets went on to describe how Peres helped establish Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program in the 1950s and then, as prime minister in 1986, gave orders for the former nuclear weapons technician to be kidnapped in Italy and punished in Israel for telling the world about his government’s secret nuclear arsenal.

The leaflets were distributed by the Center for Economic and Social Rights of Brooklyn, New York, in observance of the 14th anniversary of the abduction.