A Message of Solidarity to the Washington Gathering to Free Vanunu

Dear participants at the Washington Gathering to Free Vanunu,

Allow us to express our firm support for the international campaign to release the courageous nuclear whistle-blower, Vanunu. Never shall we forget that Vanunu is the man who initiated by his revelation of Israeli nuclear secrets the international campaign to free the Middle East from nuclear weapons. Our release from the deadly threats of these weapons and other weapons of mass destruction is totally identified with Vanunu's freedom. Both targets are a great contribution to peace for all people of the region, Arabs and Israelis.

Thanks to the great step he took fourteen years ago, the first Conference on Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Middle East was held in Cairo, 1988. Possibly, the first presentation of the Vanunu case at an international conference took place in Cairo at that event.

We need Vanunu to be free to lead our international campaign for a nuclear-free Middle East and World. Mordechai Vanunu must be released immediately.

Bahig Nassar
Coordinator, Arab Coordination Center of NGOs