24-Hour Worldwide Vigil Planned for Vanunu

Dear friends,

Here's an update on the 24 hour worldwide vigil for Vanunu. Hope Liebersohn, who works with the British campaign to free Vanunu, came up with the following schedule. It is envisioned that 5 - 50 people will hold signs in front of Israeli embassies, consulates and other sites in countries around the world, calling for nuclear abolition and Mordechai's release. Because of days when the embassies and consulates will likely be closed, the vigil will take place on Tuesday, September 25 (a bit earlier than the Sept. 30 anniversary of Mordechai's kidnapping and imprisonment). CAN YOU JOIN US? We are hoping for the participation of many cities around the world!


Here is my calculation. It assumes that everyone in the northern hemisphere is on summer (daylight savings) time on the day, as we are in Europe. Each city starts its vigil at noon local time, and continues for a varying amount of time depending on where the next city is. That way, the vigil is continuous for 24 hours.

local time place length of vigil London time
Noon Auckland 1 hr midnight
NOON Sydney 2 hrs 1 AM
NOON Tokyo 3 hrs 30 mins 3 AM
NOON India 3 hrs 30 mins 6:30 AM
NOON Tel Aviv 1 hr 10 AM
NOON Oslo 1 hr 11 AM
NOON London 5 hrs noon
NOON Washington/
3 hrs 5 PM
NOON San Francisco 4 hrs 8 PM

So far there are vigils definitely happening in London, New Delhi, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Jerusalem, Oslo and Lisbon. We are waiting to hear back from Australia and New Zealand, and perhaps other cities in southern India. New Zealand had already planned for a vigil at the Israeli embassy on September 28, but activists there are considering doing one on the 25th also. In Hiroshima, Japan, there will be a vigil on September 30 in front of the Memorial Cenotaph for the A-bomb victims. In the US, activists in Boston, as well as those in some cities in the UK, are interested in participating, but will also need to hold their vigils on days other than the 25th.

In addition to their Sept. 25 vigil in front of the President's residence in Jerusalem, Israeli supporters of Vanunu are also planning on September 29 to drive around Tel Aviv in a bus or truck covered with posters reading "FREE VANUNU!" and "NUKES ARE A DANGER TO US ALL!" before heading down to Ashkelon, where Mordechai is imprisoned.

If you are interested in being part of this 24 hour worldwide vigil for Mordechai, please contact, as soon as possible, the British campaign to free Vanunu at campaign@vanunu.freeserve.co.uk or the U.S. campaign to free Vanunu at freevanunu@mindspring.com.