Mordechai Vanunu: I want to be free

Imprisoned nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu was visited in Ashkelon prison by his adoptive parents, Mary and Nick Eoloff of the USA, on November 5 and 6.

Mary Eoloff reported that Vanunu was calm and serene in their two meetings. While drawing on his inner strength to face the ordeal of his imprisonment, he stated that his strongest desire is to be free.

Vanunu told his parents that in September 2001 a court rejected his appeal for early release. However, he still remains hopeful that he will be released before completing his 18-year sentence in 2004.

In the course of the visits, after Vanunu demanded to see the gifts that the Eoloffs had brought to him, he was taken to the prison storage where he saw not only the items that were brought at these recent visits, but also packages and items that had been stored there, without Vanunu having even been informed about them. Among the stored items was a video film that was sent by a friend, for which Vanunu had been waiting for many weeks, some clothing and other gifts. Nick and Mary Eoloff are asking Vanunu's lawyer to intervene and to ascertain that he receives all letters and packages that are sent to him.

Since Mordechai's mail is held up for so long, it is a good idea to start sending him Christmas and New Year's cards right now:

Mordechai Vanunu
Shikma Prison

-Rayna Moss