by Mordechai Vanunu

Solitary confinement is living in a grave
to live alone is living with yourself,
speaking to yourself in your mind
remembering yourself in the past,
living the past in the present,
living the past many times.

In the present time you are Dead.
A dead man walking in his grave.
To be alive is to be free.
Here I am a blind man
my eyes, walls, can see
eight years far away from
trees, flowers, sea, women, birds -

Now iron gates, doors, grills, cement
in this concrete world solidifying me.
Only my mind, my spirit is free -
free to remember why I am in prison
but not prison for my spirit,
they cannot chain my mind.

And I am free to keep my belief
in my action against all psychological
brainwash until I can fly
from this state prison - until
my dead body will rise again
from this tomb like an agent
who came back from the cold
to serve the world in the war
against nuclear Holocaust,
nuclear proliferation,
against nuclear secrets....

to be free
to live
to be alive....