Dear Friends,

Dr. Mordechai Vanunu.

It's another significant recognition for this prisoner of conscience by the world community. On May 15, Norway's Tromsoe University awarded an honorary doctoral degree to Israel's nuclear whistleblower. His brother Meir traveled to Norway to accept the honor on Mordechai's behalf. In this summer issue of the newsletter, Mordechai's adoptive parents Nick and Mary Eoloff, also in attendance, tell of the moving ceremony in Norway.

While family and supporters celebrated this well-deserved honor for Mordechai, the Israeli ambassador to Norway was not at all pleased. He was so unhappy, in fact, that he traveled all the way from Oslo to Tromsoe to personally tell university officials of his displeasure that Vanunu should be honored in any way.

The Israeli government has cause to be concerned about such notable attention given to Mordechai and his continued imprisonment, and to their rogue nuclear program that he brought to the world's attention.

Against the backdrop of a shattered peace process and escalating violence throughout Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, recent months have also brought other bits and pieces of news that direct public attention to Israel's "secret" nuclear arsenal. You will find those stories here in these articles from the Summer 2001 newsletter.

Mordechai is paying an enormous price as the first witness to tell the world about Israel's nuclear weapons. It is our task to keep the pressure on Israel, and continue with others around the globe to demand Mordechai's immediate and unconditional release, and amplify his message for nuclear abolition in the Middle East and around the world.

Plans are developing now for vigils at Israeli embassies and consulates this September, to mark the 15th anniversary of Mordechai's 1986 kidnapping and imprisonment.

After the successful events surrounding Mordechai's honorary doctorate from Tromsoe University, plans are also in the work to approach American universities about awarding Mordechai similar honors.

And we will do whatever we can to support Mordechai's lawyer, Avigdor Feldman, as he prepares another parole request.

We can't do it without your support.

Please donate as generously as you can to help this nonprofit organization continue the campaign for Vanunu and his cause. Any amount, from a few stamps or a dollar bill to a $1,000 check, will be greatly appreciated and directly used to help free Mordechai and work towards our common vision of a nuclear-free world.


Felice Cohen-Joppa
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