Prison Authorities Continue to Harass Vanunu

At the end of June -- and for the first time since February -- supporters of Mordechai Vanunu received letters from the imprisoned nuclear whistleblower. As in the past, large batches of his outgoing mail were held for months by prison authorities before being released to the postal system -- this time for an even longer period than usual. The letters recently received were dated between September, 2000, and February, 2001. Some of them were heavily censored.

This 6 - 10 month delay of Mordechai's outgoing mail makes communication between Mordechai and the outside world extremely difficult, a problem compounded by the fact that he also has no telephone access and very limited visiting privileges.

Although Mordechai is supposed to be allowed visits from clergy, as well as immediately family and his lawyer, recent attempts by the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem to visit Mordechai at Easter time were unsuccessful. Since his appointment to the post, Bishop Riah has repeatedly been denied permission for a visit.

Despite these attempts to undermine Mordechai's morale, it is very important to take a few moments and write to Mordechai. He seems to be receiving mail in a timely manner, the delay affecting only his outgoing letters. Your cards and letters not only serve to lift Mordechai's spirits, but also to remind the authorities that people from around the world support this prisoner of conscience and are calling for his immediate release.