Worldwide Vigils for Vanunu - London

The vigil in London started just about on time after a heated argument with the police about where and how we were to hold the vigil. Eventually we were kept to a small area of the pavement where we displayed banners and placards and gave out leaflets and collected money.

For the full 5 hours we were not allowed to cross the main road to get nearer to the Israeli Embassy (as we always do on our regular Saturday vigils) - which was heavily protected with extra barriers and police.

After a slow start, by half way through the afternoon, the numbers began to increase so we had about 20 people over the last two hours. Also, by the second half of the vigil we abandoned our caged area and spread out along the pavement despite remonstrations from the police.

We gave out a large number of leaflets and a lot of information, collected about 30, and about 40 people signed the very colourful and joyful birthday card to Mordechai.