How You Can Help

Speak out!

*  Copy and circulate the petition to free Mordechai Vanunu

*  Send a note of encouragement to Mordechai Vanunu!  His address is
Mordechai Vanunu
Ashkelon Prison
Ashkelon, Israel

A postcard from a Finnish supporter, which Mordechai shares with the U.S. Campaign

The Bay Area Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu is also circulating petitions in support of Vanunu's Nobel Peace Prize nomination. For information about the petitions, contact

A second parole hearing for Vanunu has been denied.

We are told by the Israeli Vanunu Committee that messages of support for Vanunu's release sent to three key cabinet officers would be most helpful.  The messages should call for Vanunu's unconditional parole, citing pertinent arguments and identifying yourself by occupation, affliation, or interest. The messages should be sent to:

Dear (###),

We just received your
message, and will
pass it along
to the Minister.

Sincerely yours,

Hagit Ofran

Email reply received
from the Justice Minister's
Office to a plea for
Vanunu's release,
Nov 25 2000

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
3 Kaplan St.
Hakirya, Jerusalem 91007

Fax: +972 2 566 4838

Justice Minister Meir Shetrit
29 Salah al-Din St.
Jerusalem 91010

Fax: +972 2 628 5438

Public Security Minister Uzi Landau
P.O. Box 18182
Jerusalem 91181

Fax: +972 2 581 1832

* Write any or all of the following, asking that the Government of Israel be urged to release Mordechai Vanunu.
We would like a copy of your letter and any response.

Your US Senators
United States Senate
Washington DC  20510

Your US Representatives
House of Representatives
Washington DC  20515

President George Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC  20500

Ambassador of Israel
3514 International Drive NW
Washington DC  20008

* Contact your church, synagogue, political or professional group on Vanunu's behalf.

* Circulate petitions, or help arrange a speaking tour in your area.  Contact us for help.

Order These Materials For Yourself and a Friend

The Woman from Mossad. Peter Hounam's gripping story about the female agent who betrayed Vanunu. $20
World's First Nuclear Hostage.
27-minute BBC videotape narrated by Mordechai's brother Meir. $20
Voices for Vanunu.
Nobel Peace Laureate Joseph Rotblat, Daniel Ellsberg and others speak out for Mordechai. $18
Messages for Mordechai.
Messages from supporters at a London vigil for Vanunu, Vanunu's poems, and an interview. From the British campaign. $3
Vanunu and the Campaign
is an eight-page chronology of the prisoner's case and the international effort seeking his freedom. From the British campaign. $3
Dimona: The Third Temple? The Story Behind the Vanunu Revelation.
Mark Gaffney's 1989 history of Israel's nukes and Vanunu's journey from immigrant to whistleblower. $10 while supplies last.
(In 1989, Mark Gaffney wrote the first documentary account of Mordechai Vanunu's story in the context of a history of Israel's nuclear program. It is a well-documented and still timely introduction to both subjects. This 236-page book is no longer in print, but the Bay Area Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu has the made the last copies available for sale.)
Faith Under Siege.
Prison letters from Vanunu to an Anglican priest in Australia. Booklet. $3
Striking rust-colored and black garments tell the Vanunu story on your front and back. Specify XL, L, or M. $17
More T-shirts.
Beautiful white shirts commemorating the three-day gathering in Washington D.C., Sep 26-28 2000  $17
Buttons and bumper stickers.
Put Mordechai on your lapel and on the back of your car. $1 each.

Free Pamphlets and Brochures

Basic Campaign brochure (revised). Nuclear whistle-blower, Prisoner of Conscience.
Campaign Information Packet.
Vanunu and the Israeli Bomb.
Gideon Spiro's comprehensive account of how Vanunu blew Israel's nuclear weapons cover-up.
What They Say About Vanunu.
Political and cultural leaders speak out about Israel's nukes and its mistreatment of Vanunu.
Vanunu: Fiction vs. Fact. Rebuttal of Israeli Ministry of Justice claim that Vanunu's release would threaten Israel's security.

Order now

Please send me, postpaid, the items I have checked off above. I enclose check or money order for $______.

Name (please print):_________________________________ Address:____________________________________________ City:________________ State/Province:_______
Zip/postal code_____

Clip and mail to
U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu
P.O.Box 43384
Tucson AZ   85733 USA