Mordechai Writes to a Young Supporter

(A young letter-writer recently received a response from Dr. Vanunu, part of which we reprint here. The letter was received in February 2002; Mordechai wrote it on August 23 2001. Click on the image for a larger, readable version of what is transcribed here.
Note: N.W. is used by Mordechai to mean 'nuclear weapons.')

I am sorry that you need to hear and know on prison but, at least my case story is about crime for bring peace. For preventing the danger of many weapons in many state. My case is a politic story, the danger of Nuclear secret. You must know heard about all the N.W.s, bomb of Hiroshima, Nagasaki. So my crime was that I want all the world people citizens know

(several lines of the letter were censored here)

So I hope my example will help you to be very good U.S. citizen. And move in the future you too will act to bring the end of N.W.s. The world can not live with N.W.s. Such huge bombs are not for human hands, or human mind. My hope that before you become older you will find all the world free from N.W.s - and your generation. At your time. You will fight for reducing armies. No need for armies, soldiers.

I hope you can understand my letter, and keep it until one day you will see me in the U.S. Keep on reading and writing on N.W.s, on peace, and follow your mother and many good people, that I am one of them, but in prison suffering, but I am not a criminal. I am a citizen who did for making the world free from N.W.s and for preventing future war. Remember my message - the world should be free from N.W.s - that is your future mission.

You can write me again. Thank you.

Yours, Mordechai Vanunu J.C.