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The ticking time bomb in the Negev Desert is still ticking, marking danger for the people of Israel and all neighboring countries. The calls for international inspection of the Dimona nuclear facility are growing louder, particularly from Israel's near neighbors. Even Dimona workers are now drawing attention to unsafe working conditions that are causing cancers and other illnesses.

But Mordechai, sad to say, has sixteen months left to serve. The length of time he must continue to bear his terrible burden will depend very much on you and me and others committed to helping free this brave man, and advance his cause of a nuclear-free world.


More of Vanunu's Story

The Campaign for His Release

Four hundred and forty-nine.

If you can believe the word of the State of Israel, that is the number of days that remain before Mordechai Vanunu can be released from prison for the crime of telling the world the truth about his government's secret nuclear weapons program.

That information comes from Mordechai's brother Asher, a Jerusalem school administrator, who said officials at Ashkelon Prison had given Vanunu an "out-date" of April 22, 2004, just five months short of completion of his 18-year sentence.

But Mordechai should not have to spend another day in prison for his brave act of whistleblowing.

Israel once claimed that the transcript of Vanunu's closed door trial was so sensitive it could never be made public. But several years ago, bending to public pressure, it released most of the trial record and permitted the Knesset's first open debate on nuclear secrecy. And now, although Israel still officially denies that it has a nuclear arsenal, government censors are allowing increased coverage of the once taboo topic in Israel's mainstream media.

Pressure from his supporters in America and around the world has pried open the lock on Mordechai's isolation cell and the lock on the policy of secrecy by which his government and our own have protected Israel's illicit production of weapons of mass destruction.

In the new global war climate, and with escalating conflict in the Middle East, Mordechai Vanunu's message of nuclear abolition resonates ever more loudly.

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“One of my great encouragement and happiness in the first year [in prison] was to know that all London was covered by all those [censored]; the very secret place underground had become papers for covering dead fish and meat in the markets and so on; the most secrets that no one hear or saw, now they are equal to wrapping or just garbage papers. The secret of the building and the [nuclear weapons] secrets collapsed without any bombs, without killing anyone. That was the great power of a nonviolent act.”
-Mordechai Vanunu, March 12, 2002, on the publication of his photos in 1986 in the London Sunday Times

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