Spreading the Word in Canada

Here's some news to share from a Canadian Vanunu supporter:

Anton Kuerti, a musician, wrote an article based on a letter he received from Mordechai after sending him, in June, some of his music CD's, a letter and a copy of a speech he'd made about the Vanunu case.

At the end of December, his article was published by the Globe and Mail, a national paper in Canada. It was almost a full page, and several letters were printed in response. As a result of the article, Anton was also just interviewed by CBC Radio One. He said that the interview went well. It was aired Sunday January 13 at 11AM.

Anton writes also that the radio station tried to get the Israeli Ambassador to speak on the other side, but they declined, saying it was simply a judicial matter that had gone through the courts.

You can find the article here.

What a wonderful example of what one person did to spread the word!