A Message from the Campaign's Coordinator

Dear Friends,


That is the number of miles from St. Paul, Minnesota, where Nick and Mary Eoloff live, to Ashkelon, Israel, where their adopted son, Mordechai Vanunu, remains locked behind prison walls. They gladly travel that distance to spend a couple of hours visiting their son at least once, hopefully twice within a week before they get back on a plane to fly home.

They know that besides the solid support of a regular visit every couple of weeks from his brother in Jerusalem, Mordechai doesn't have the opportunity for many visitors. Besides family, only his lawyer (who visits a couple of times a year) and clergy (after persistent requests for permission, Anglican Bishop Riah was able to visit once last year) are allowed to visit. So despite being officially released from solitary confinement four years ago, Mordechai remains very isolated.

His isolation is further compounded by the fact that letters he writes to supporters are held up by the prison, and not received until 6-8 months after he has written them. Surely it doesn't take the censor that long to cout out forbidden words and sentences! Several people have mentioned that their most recent letter from Mordechai arrived at the end of April or beginning of May - letters he had written between last September and the beginning of December.

All the more meaningful, then, is the timely news that the Eolofs bring home from their periodic visits. The report of their latest visit can be found in the newest issue of I Am Your Spy.

One of the things that the Eoloffs shared when they returned at the end of May from their visit with Mordechai is that he is not receiving the Washington Post. After so many of you responded generously with donations to fulfill Mordechai's request for a Washington Post subscription, I entered a subscription for the Sunday edition only. I planned to begin a daily subscription when we knew he was receiving them without any problem. Only now, months later, have we learned that there is in fact a problem.

* Withholding the Washington Post;
* Delaying his outgoing mail for months;
* Limiting his visits to just family, his lawyer and clergy;

All of these effectively and severely restrict his ability to have contact with the outside world.

Mordechai has almost two years left to serve of his 18 year prison sentence. He doesn't want, or deserve, to be imprisoned for one more day. We must continue at every opportunity to seek his immediate and unconditional release. At the same time, we must also let the Israeli authorities know that we oppose these unfair restrictions on his incarceration.

In light of this situation, I have two requests.

First, I am asking you to write one or more letters on Mordechai's behalf. Please join me in writing to the new Israeli ambassador to the US., Dani Ayalon; to the Israeli Minister of Justice, Meir Shetrit; and to the warden of Ashkelon Prison, Shlomi Cohen (addresses below). Tell them to send Mordechai's amil out in a timely manner, to allow him to receive the Washington Post, and permit him to receive more visitors. And, of course, most importantly, insist that these issues be set aside by granting Mordechai Vanunu his immediate freedom from these past 15+ long years in prison. Please let the U.S. Campaign know of any responses you receive.

Second, the U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu needs your continued financial support to keep up the pressure to work for Mordechai's release. Your contributions help to amplify his message for nuclear disarmament in the Middle East and around the world - a message that remains as important now as it was in 1986 when Mordechai courageously blew the whistle on Israel's secret nuclear arsenal. As generous a donations as you can now send will help to ensure the continuation of this important work.

Thank you for your continued support of Mordechai and the campaign.


Felice Cohen-Joppa

P.S. Donations of $50 or more are tax deductible if made payable to the Progressive Foundation, our fiscal sponsor. Other checks should be made payable to the U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu.

Note to supporters outside the U.S. - Our small credit union cannot process checks drawn on foreign banks or money orders in foreign currency. International postal money orders, checks drawn on a U.S. bank, or dollars, are all okay. Information about wiring contributions directly to the campaign's account available upon request. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Mr. Shlomi Cohen, Warden
Ashkelon Prison
Ashkelon, Israel

Minister of Justice Meir Shetrit
29 Salah al-Din St.
Jerusalem 91010 Israel
Fax +972 2 628 5438
Email: sar@justice.gov.il

Ambassador Dani Ayalon
Israeli Embassy
3514 International Dr., NW
Washington, DC 20008
Fax (202) 364-5607
Email: washington@israel.org