October Hearing Postponed

Mordechai Vanunu, imprisoned Israeli whistleblower, was scheduled to have a hearing on October 29, to appeal the decision of the Parole Committee not to grant him early release. Vanunu has completed 16 years of an 18-year sentence. Most prisoners in Israel are eligible to be released after serving two-thirds of their sentence. Recently, a Parole Committee decided to release convicted murderer Yonah Avrushmi, who in 1983 threw a grenade into a Peace Now demonstration, killing Emil Grunzweig and wounding several others.

Vanunu's brother Asher said today, that the Court postponed the hearing, as it has done repeatedly in the course of the last 18 months, without setting a new date. No reason was given for the postponement.

If not released on appeal, Vanunu is scheduled to be released in April 2004, almost 18 years after he was illegally kidnapped by the Mossad in Italy and forcibly brought to Israel to stand trial in camera.

Last month Vanunu was the recipient of two prestigious peace awards: the Nuclear Free Future Award and the Francisca Mateos Fight for Peace Award for 2002.

-Rayna Moss