Francisca Mateos Fight for Peace 2002 Award Given to Vanunu

MORDECHAI VANUNU has been chosen for the "FRANCISCA MATEOS, FIGHT FOR PEACE" 2002 award.

Kidnapped on order of Simon Peres, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Vanunu was imprisoned for revealing the existence of nuclear arsenal in Israel.

Mordechai received the Francisca Mateos Foundation's annual prize, given in previous years to Aun San Kyii and the Dalai Lama, for his contribution to the struggle for world peace.

The Francisca Mateos Foundation is dedicated to the aforementioned woman who spent her life, after growing up impoverished, in the nineteen-twenties and thirties working to combat illiteracy and social inequality. Her motto was "No one should have to lower their gaze to anyone." It does not say if there was a nomination process or why he was chosen other than a brief description of what he did and his picture in the prize section.

The foundation itself is dedicated to promoting social justice and peace. It also seems that she was very involved in the Catholic church and worked through that venue later in life.