Mr. Vanunu's Progress

Mr. Vanunu, the hybrid clematis, created by Ernest Rodker, will soon appear in a new book, The International Clematis Register by the Royal Horicultural Society.

However, reproduction has not been as successful as registration. A number of supporters have ordered the plant, but so far only one has been delivered to a supporter in Highgate, which we are please to say is doing well.

The clematis nursery, which has agreed to propagate a number of cuttings (it will decide later whether to continue with this variety), is now in the process of doing so. They hope they will have more than enough cuttings to meet the orders so far received, though it will take a little while longer before they know how many strong cuttings there are, ready to pass on.

Our apologies to all those who requested a plant, that we have still not been able to get one to you. We have hopes that your patience will be rewarded.