Mordechai's Future

The London vigil on September 25 2001: the clocks show the 24-hour sequence of actions as they moved from country to country.
When Mordechai is finally released and allowed to leave Israel he would like to go to American to teach American history, which he has been studying - as reported by the Eoloffs after their May visit to Mordechai. However, first he wants to come to Britain to meet and thank his many hundreds of friends, campaigners and supporters and "join our Freedom Party" - quote from an interview in the weekly newspaper Tel Aviv.

To allow Mordechai some financial independence on his release we have opened an account for him, separate from the Campaign account, as reported in last year's bulletin. This account now stands at £7,200 with another £1,000 held in reserve. We would hope that if enough is donated this year, we will be able to put some of the money raised into this account. Another good reapons for responding generously to our appeal.