Recent Media Support

Mordechai Vanunu, in Jerusalem for May 13 court hearings. He was not allowed to see or speak with reporters, but the court allowed a photographer to take his picture for the first time in three years. The images appeared the next day in the country's major newspapers and on television news.
While most politicians, and the media in general, ignore Mordechai Vanunu's 16-year ordeal in prison and his courageous stand for a nuclear-free Middle East; and against Israel's nuclear weapons and the secrecy that suurounds them, some journalist have continued to remind their readers of what Mordechai stands for.

Over the last four months, starting at the end of March, in The Observer, Richard Ingrams wrote very supportive comments in his regular column, pointing out the contradictions and vindictiveness towards Mordechai.

Not long after on BBC3, during an absorbing interview by John Tusa with famous British artist Richard Hamilton, the interviewee explained why he thought Mordechai Vanunu was a modern-day hero.

Then, in early May, only five weeks after the Ingrams piece, there was a sympathetic, full-page Guardian interview by Susan Goldenburg with Nick and Mary Eoloff, Vanunu's adoptive parents.

Another five weeks and the weekly paper Tel Aviv devoted five full pages and its cover to a surprisingly sympathetic, in-depth interview, again with the Eoloffs, about themselves, their family and their annual visits to Mordechai in prison.