Prime Ministers Sneak Out

New banner at the London Saturday vigil:
"In private meetings, Netanyahu has said that as Iran gets closer to having nuclear bombs, Israel should lift the shroud of silence about its nuclear weapons... Sharon's response was sharp. He compared anyone who spoke about nuclear weapons in public to Mordechai Vanunu... The fuss in the press aside, it should be noted that Netanyahu stands by his opinion and that does not make him a card-carrying member of the Committee for Mordechai Vanunu or the Green Movement." (A quote from a recent issue of Ha'artetz.)

In last year's bulletin we reported that Barak, the outgoing Israeli prime minister, publicly announced his handing over of Israeli nuclear defence systems to Ariel Sharon. No arrests were made.

While the Israeli authorities continue to threaten and cruelly punish Vanunu for his determination not be be silenced on the issue of Israel's 'secret' nuclear weapons, it seems the same restrictions are not imposed on ex prime ministers. Perhaps this is because Mordechai, a man of truth, is believed, while politicians are not!