Weekly Vigil in London

Every Saturday, 12:00 - 2:00 PM

This banner was made for the occasion of the 10th anniversary vigil

Now in its 12th year and committed to continue until Mordechai's release, the vigil is a constant reminder that Mordechai is much admired and remembered and that we continue to campaign for his release.

The vigil attracts a regular core of people, yet very welcome are a number of new supporters who have helped to bolster and enliven the midday presence.

Over 225,000 leaflets have now been distributed on the vigil and over the last eight years more than £4,500 has been collected. We are pleased that, through to June weekly contributions are up 15% on the same period last year.

Come along for any part of the two hours you can manage.

The vigil is held outside the Israeli Embassy, at the junction of Kensington High Street and Kensington Court in London (Kensington High Street tube, turn right and walk four minutes.)

The first Saturday after Mordechai is released, please join us for one large, final mass vigil and celebration!

Campaign to Free Vanunu and for a Nuclear Free Middle East
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