Please Write to Dr. Vanunu

News from recent visits with Mordechai by his adoptive parents, Nick and Mary Eoloff; his brother, Asher; and his lawyer, Avigdor Feldman is that he is in good spirits, and anxious for the day when he will finally be free after his long years of imprisonment.

In a recent letter to the U.S. Campaign, Mordechai mentioned that he is not receiving very much mail, and asks that supporters write to him. One supporter who corresponds with Mordechai suggests sending him audio cassette letters, or even videotaped ones. After 15 years of being isolated in prison, this gives him the opportunity to hear and see supporters from around the world.

If you wish to send something along with a letter, Mordechai enjoys American musicals, the older the better. Audio or video tapes of Rogers and Hammerstein, Carousel, Oklahoma!, Porgy and Bess and other shows would be appreciated.

And now that he is the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Tromsų University, please remember to address your letters to:

Dr. Mordechai Vanunu
Ashkelon Prison
Ashkelon, Israel