From the Norwegian Campaign

Oslo, 1. Feb. 2003

Mid-February (16.2.03) an Israeli court will decide on parole request. Vanunu has again been nominated for the (2003) Nobel Peace Prize, - by 15 Norwegian university professors, of law, history, political science.

I would urge you to

1. Send an encouraging letter to: Dr. Mordechai V, Ashqelon prison, Ashqelon, Israel - who is in good mood seeing an end to his suffering "soon" (2004).

2. Write op-ed for newspapers, perhaps focusing why there is such aggression over the problems with weapons inspection of Saddamīs possible future nukes, - and so little attention or praise for the "arms inspector" MV who actually brought evidence of the size of Israelīs nuclear arsenal.

3. Start planning for inviting and taking nicely care of Vanunu, for a visit some time after his release, start fundraising to prepare/assist his new life, wherever he may choose to settle and build a future. Let us show we appreciate his deed through will to alleviate consequences.

It is interesting today to look back to our 1997 Vanunu conference in Tel Aviv, where an American senior scientist at the Lawrence Livermore lab, Dr. Hugh DeWitt, drew some very interesting comparisons between a possible Iraqi or Pakistani nuclear whistleblower and how the world media would have reacted if they were kidnapped from London/Rome and brought back to secret trial and jail in Iraq or Pakistan.

-Fredrik S. Heffermehl