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BBC World, Saturday 28 June 2003:
rebroadcast of " Israel´s Secret Weapon"
By BBC TV-team "Correspondent"

The first Mid-East inspector of Weapons of Mass Destruction, was from the "wrong" country!

This Saturday BBC World will show a very interesting movie on Israel´s nuclear weapons with emphasis on Mordechai Vanunu, Israel´s nuclear whistleblower, himself a Jew, who gave information and photos from his workplace, the Dimona nuclear reactor - a secret nuclear bombs factory - to a London paper, The Sunday Times, back in 1986.

In blatant violation of international law the Israeli secret police, Mossad, lured and forced Vanunu back to Israel where, in a closed trial, he was sentenced to 18 years in jail. He spent nearly 12 years in solitary confinement. The Israelis have now set the date for his release, 22. April 2004, after 17 1/2 years in jail.

There have been many and prominent protests against Israel´s continuing inhuman treatment of Vanunu, - but the big media storm against the atrocious mistreatment of Vanunu never came. One can only imagine how the media of the world would have treated a similar whistleblower against nuclear arms in 1986 if he had been from Iraq and had been abducted from London (via Rome) back to imprisonment in Bagdad.

The documentary reveals the grey eminence in the Israeli secret police who has kept Vanunu jailed even if he was entitled by law to be released on parole 5 years ago. Their claims that he still has secrets to reveal are blatantly ludicrous. Vanunu was a technician, not a scientist - and any knowledge would be dated 15 years ago anyway. (Actually he never revealed a secret, he only delivered evidence of facts that were well known in military and security circles to a paper and thus made them known to the general public - an act which could do no military harm to Israel).