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Another Nobel Nomination

Mordechai Vanunu has again been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This year, his nomination was submitted to the Nobel Committee by fifteen professors of sociology, history, philosophy, law, and theology at Norwegian universities. In May 2001, Vanunu himself was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Tromsø, Norway.

The professors' letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee stated in part:

"...he was punished because, unselfishly and out of a sense of deep loyalty to his nation, he had followed his conscience and given public proof that Israel was manufacturing nuclear weapons. He consciously defied the dangers of false accusations and persecutions which such revelations always involve.

" Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Vanunu will emphasize the individual's responsibility to prevent war and the proliferation of armaments.

" The Nobel Peace Prize will strengthen Vanunu's example for all patriots who are in a situation where they can contribute to revealing secret and illegal developments of weapons of mass destruction.

" Vanunu has also contributed to world peace by setting in motion a worldwide public debate about Israel's and other nations' production of weapons of mass destruction."

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is announced in mid-October.

(translation from Norwegian by Jeanie Shaterian)