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From Mordechai's adoptive American parents, Nick and Mary Eoloff

September 2003

Dear friends,

It's hard to believe that only 7 months now remain until Mordechai's release date! When we adopted Mordechai in 1997, we hoped that in some way we could help to hasten the day of his release. Instead we have found ourselves traveling twice a year to Israel to visit our adopted son at Ashkelon Prison.

Our last visit with Mordechai this past May was exceptionally uplifting. Mordechai is high, very high, and counting down to April 22, 2004. He said that after 17 years he can endure the remaining months in peaceful resignation. He is well mentally and physically. His outlook is very positive and he generally ignores insults and issues that may lead to confrontation. He will no longer attempt appeals for parole and is resigned to stay until the last day, continuing to struggle in a deep commitment to nonviolence, personally and communally.

He graciously treated us to prison canteen goodies as we began our almost continuous and excited talk about next year. Mordechai would like a gathering of his loyal and faithful supporters to meet him at the prison gates on the day of his release, and hopes to depart Israel immediately or as soon as a passport is issued to him.

He is looking forward to traveling first to London to meet his friends who could not be in Ashkelon on his release date; then on to the U.S. We reminded him that he not only has parents in the U.S., but brothers and sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews who look forward to seeing him.

Most of all, he would like to lead a quiet life for a time, just to be a person - an opportunity that has been denied him these 17 years. God willing, his hopes and dreams will materialize.

Mordechai wrote in a recent letter, "We are standing firm and bold in these last months, the last part of this long marathon of 18 years."

Together we've got to do everything we can to see him through to the end of his long ordeal. Mordechai has been waiting for his 17+ years at Ashkelon Prison to come to an end, and along with other campaigns and supporters around the world, he is counting on us to continue with activities and preparations on his behalf, until he is finally free.

That is why we're writing to ask for your help now. When we joined Felice and other campaign representatives from several countries at a May meeting in London, we discussed all that needs to be done in the coming months. Money is needed for practical matters such as securing his passport, legal fees, and helping Mordechai to leave Israel, as well as for the many events being organized, including worldwide vigils calling for his release on the September 30 anniversary of his kidnapping and imprisonment; the international delegation to greet him at the gates of the prison when he is finally freed; and a conference on nuclear disarmament around the time of his release. In November we will be going to Israel to visit Mordechai again, and will stop on the way home in London to speak at the annual U.K. campaign benefit.

Please, can you send a donation to help the important work of the campaign at this critical time? Your generosity is needed to help bring Mordechai safely home to a new life in freedom.

Our heartfelt thanks to Mordechai's many friends and supporters whose donations and past support have helped with so many important things, including our travel to Israel to visit Mordechai. Those visits are a lifeline to him. We would be so grateful now for your continued support.


Mary and Nick Eoloff

P. S. Donations of $50 or more can be tax-deductible if made out to the Progressive Foundation. Please make other checks payable to the U.S. Campaign to Free Vanunu. We know that Mordechai greatly appreciates anything you can do to help the campaign in these crucial remaining months.

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