-photo by Meir Vanunu


The U.S. Campaign
is Pleased to Announce that

on April 21 2004
Mordechai Vanunu
Was Released From Prison.


But he is not really free

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06 Jun 04:
'Israel's Secret Weapon' Wins Peabody Award

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"Vanunu: My Story (part 2)"
Vanunu fears for his life after street threats
Why I had to tell Israel's big secret

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Vanunu fights to lift curbs on his freedom

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IAEA To Press for Inspections of Israel's Nuclear Facility

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Petition: cancel the restrictions imposed on Mordechai Vanunu

03 Jun 04: from Ha'aretz:
Nuke whistleblower Vanunu appeals to leave Israel

01 Jun 04: from the Jerusalem Post:
Kach supporters chase away Vanunu

June 2004: from the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs:
After 18 Years in Prison, Mordechai Vanunu Is Free at Last


31 May 04: from Ma'ariv:
Vanunu: I just wanted to let world know

30 May 04: from Ha'aretz:
Foreign Ministry furious at BBC over Vanunu interview

30 May 04: from Ha'aretz:
Bishop Riah, Provider of Sanctuary at St. George's, Detained and Searched at Tel Aviv Airport

30 May 04: by Peter Hounam:
Snatched.. Just Like Mordechai

30 May 04: from the London Sunday Times:
"Vanunu: My Story (part 1)"
Vanunu: The Truth About My Kidnap (intro.)
Let Vanunu Go Free (editorial)
Vanunu: my story

27 May 04: from Ma'ariv:
Peter Hounam to be released tonight

30 May 04: from the Independent:
Israel attacks BBC 'tricks' in taping Vanunu

27 May 04: from Ha'aretz:
British journalist Peter Hounam released from detention

27 May 04: from the Israeli Committee to Free Vanunu:
UK Journalist Released From Jail

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British Journalist Held Over Vanunu Link

24 May 04: from Ha’aretz:
Vanunu in Court for Libel Suit Hearing

15 May 04: from Ha'aretz:
Prof. Uzi Even Vetoed as Consultant on Vanunu Case

May 2004: from Pax Christi:
Resolution on Behalf of Mordechai Vanunu

24 Apr 04: by Uri Avnery:
Vanunu: The Terrible Secret


The ticking time bomb in the Negev Desert is still ticking, marking danger for the people of Israel and all neighboring countries. The calls for international inspection of the Dimona nuclear facility are growing louder, particularly from Israel's near neighbors. Even Dimona workers are now drawing attention to unsafe working conditions that are causing cancers and other illnesses.

If an Iraqi nuclear technician in the last decade had come forward to reveal previously unknown information about a secret Iraqi nuclear arsenal, that person would be hailed as a courageous hero. Mordechai Vanunu's act was courageous and heroic.

Now we see that Iraq's nuclear threat was never rebuilt, Libya has publicly abandoned nuclear ambitions, and Iran has opened up to nuclear inspections. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, has recently urged Israel to dismantle its nuclear weapons program.

In the new global war climate, and with escalating conflict in the Middle East, Mordechai Vanunu's message of nuclear abolition resonates ever more loudly.

"Well you can put there my thanks greeting to all those who wrote.   If they want to receive my letters they can write me."
-Mordechai's response to those who signed the petition

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April 21, 2004.

On this momentous day, Mordechai Vanunu walked out of the prison which had caged him for nearly 18 years.

But he isn't free yet.

Israel has imposed severe restrictions on Vanunu, including not allowing him to leave Israel.

But this is absurd. Mordechai Vanunu has been locked away from the world for almost 18 years. He has no more secrets to reveal and is not a threat to the security of the state of Israel.

There are of course many unknowns, but the international campaign is moving forward with attempting to persuade Israel to release Vanunu unconditionally, and allow him to leave the country.

Public pressure has brought important changes over the years. In 1998, pressure from his supporters around the world pried open the lock on Mordechai's isolation cell after his first eleven and one half years in solitary confinement. Israel once claimed that the transcript of Vanunu's closed door trial was so sensitive it could never be made public. But several years ago, bending to public pressure, it released most of the trial record and permitted the Knesset's first open debate on nuclear secrecy. And although Israel still officially denies that it has a nuclear arsenal, government censors are allowing increased coverage of the once taboo topic in Israel's mainstream media.

We need your help to apply maximum pressure and demand that they unconditionally release Mordechai Vanunu!

The U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu would appreciate any news clippings about the release for our files. Please send to the campaign at PO Box 43384, Tucson, AZ 85733 US. Also, if anyone taped any of the TV or radio coverage, we would appreciate a copy. Thanks!


Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu flashes a sign as he speaks to journalists outside Shikma Prison following his release in the coastal city of Ashkelon, Israel Wednesday, April 21, 2004. Vanunu was released from prison Wednesday, after serving 18 years for spilling Israel's nuclear secrets, saying he was proud of his actions and complaining he was treated cruelly by his jailers.

(AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)
Mordechai Vanunu flashing a V-for-victory sign as he leaves the Shikma prison in Ashkelon on Wednesday after serving 18 years. (AP)

Prison guards pushing Mordechai Vanunu back from supporters at the gates of Ashkelon's Shikma prison upon his release Wednesday. (AP)



“One of my great encouragement and happiness in the first year [in prison] was to know that all London was covered by all those [censored]; the very secret place underground had become papers for covering dead fish and meat in the markets and so on; the most secrets that no one hear or saw, now they are equal to wrapping or just garbage papers. The secret of the building and the [nuclear weapons] secrets collapsed without any bombs, without killing anyone. That was the great power of a nonviolent act.”
-Mordechai Vanunu, March 12, 2002, on the publication of his photos in 1986 in the London Sunday Time

We are pleased to inform you that to send books, CDs, etc., to Mordechai Vanunu, you may send them to him c/o the postal address below. Mordechai prefers, however, to receive email!

Here is the email address:

and here is the postal address:

Mordechai Vanunu
c/o Cathedral Church of St. George
20 Nablus Road
PO Box 19018
Jerusalem 91190

29 Apr 04: from Yael Lotan:
The Vanunu Campaign and Its Lessons

28 Apr 04: from Ha'aretz:
Anglican Bishop Offers Vanunu Unlimited Sanctuary in Church

27 Apr 04: from Ian McKinnon:
Bishop Fears Murder Attempt on Vanunu

26 Apr 04: from Ian McKinnon:
'Protect Vanunu' Plea to Archbishop

26 Apr 04: from the Age:
Whistleblower Seeks Protection

25 Apr 04: from the Independent:
Whistleblower: 'I feared brainwashing..They were out to destroy my personality.'

25 Apr 04: from Ha'aretz:
Anglicans Suggest Vanunu Move to Nazareth

23 Apr 04: from the Independent:
18 Years On, Israel's Most Famous Prisoner Emerges, Arms Aloft

23 Apr 04: from Ha'aretz:
Norwegian Leader: Press Israel to Let Vanunu Move Here

23 Apr 04: from the Sydney Morning Herald:
Vanunu Flees to Church as New Home Revealed

23 Apr 04: from the U.S. Campaign:
Out of Prison, Vanunu Celebrates with International Supporters

22 Apr 04: from Foreign Policy in Focus:
The Release of Mordechai Vanunu and U.S. Complicity in the Development of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal

21 Apr 04: from Trident Ploughshares:
Campaigners Break Into Top UK Nuke Base as Vanunu Walks Free

21 Apr 04: from the U.S. Campaign:
I'm Mordechai Vanunu. I'm Proud and Happy to Do What I Did.

21 Apr 04: from Human Rights Watch:
Israel: No New Restrictions on Whistleblower

21 Apr 04: from Ha'aretz:
Vanunu says has no intention of harming Israel

20 Apr 04: from the International Federation of Journalists:
Journalists Demand That Israel Lifts "Grotesque and Perverse" Ban on Freed Whistle-Blower

20 Apr 04: from Ha'aretz:
Israel's nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu goes free

20 Apr 04: from Ha'aretz:
Limits on Vanunu Eased Slightly Ahead of Release

20 Apr 04: from the U.S. Campaign:
Vanunu Welcome Party Gagged for Protest

19 Apr 04: from the Israeli Free Vanunu Campaign:
Vanunu Prison Video Broadcast Irks Supporters

19 Apr 04: from Amnesty International:
Amnesty International Joins Call for Mordechai Vanunu's Unconditional Release

19 Apr 04: from the International Campaign:
Vigil and Press Conference at Israeli Prison on Eve of Vanunu's Release

18 Apr 04: from the U.S. Campaign:
International Condemnation as Lawyers Appeal 'A Special Prison Just for Vanunu'

18 Apr 04: from the Independent:
Vanunu Released to Life of 'Internal Exile'

18 Apr 04: from the Boston Herald:
Israeli Nuke Whistleblower Makes Appeal

17 Apr 04: from the Guardian:
Anger at Restrictions on Vanunu

16 Apr 04: from the Guardian:
The Guardian Profile: Mordechai Vanunu

Mordechai is now free, and shares from his supporters:

Views from Ashkelon Prison

Just in - news and views from letter #2488

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