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An anniversary message from Mordechai Vanunu

September 30, 2004

Hi Everybody.

SEP 30th. It is the 18 years anniversary of the day of kidnapping from Rome Italy. And I am free, first time I can write and express my views, detail, without anyone in power to dictate to me what to write and what not to write.

So the main news in this kidnapping story is that it is over, I am free, come back to life, survived that huge crime by spies organizations.

Other messages are the truth, corrections about what really happened.


1.) The "Cyndy" woman that Peter Hounam found since 1987, it is not the real woman. Israel spies trying to take all the case for themselves and to save some US spies, who were involved, or cheated by Israel to convince them to help Israel to silence me. So Cyndy was a US citizen employed by US goverment and not an Israeli or Jew.

2.) The kidnapping was a spies conspiracy by many states, a cartel of spies working without their own goverment authorization. They were behind Nuclear Weapons proliferation during the cold war, first to Israel, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, both Koreas, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, even to Sweden, and many more states, Nigeria, and those spies decided to silence me. Later they can fight me inside Israel prison. The main states in this cartel were Israel, France, and England. The other partners worked blindly without knowing what they are involved in, like Italy, Germany, Japan, U.S., and many more.

3.) The kidnapping took place in Rome, Italy, and the way back was by the sea in a small yacht with Israel army commandos involvement, on an isolated beach in Italy.

4.) The spies organizations until this day are not yet ready to admit publicly, acknowledge all the truth of this crime. Israel spies continue to play like it was their special game, no kidnapping, no crime. The British spies also continue to support their lies of 18 years ago to cheat foreign spies on this case, because I flew to Rome by BA, British Airways, and they reported lies that I returned to Israel. A lot of world spies games are based on cheating each other on the kidnapping.

5.) My palm hand reported the truth about the kidnapping, but I make mistake by writing hijack, instead of the word kidnapping. This mistake used by Israel spies to cheat others, but now I am free and reporting the truth.

6.) Israel's Mossad is still holding my fly ticket to Rome because in it we have the signature of the real 'Cyndy'. And also the ticket of my seat in the plane.

7.) All my friends supporters should demand an investigation by the Interpol or Scotland Yard, to find the truth, and to make justice in this case, to condemn all the states spies organizations who were involved without their goverment knowledge.

In the end we can celebrate this beginning of freedom, and our success to win against all those spies who use all their power to silence this case. They are without any success, here we are free and meeting reporting and much more freedom in the future, and our real target to do for taking from those spies the power of Nuclear Weapons. Take from them the Nuclear Weapons and they will behave like normal human beings. That is what we are witnessing since the end of the cold war, the people in all the world have more electronic instruments and are much more connected, reporting. It is difficult for secret spies to cheat and commit crime without us reporting, watching them, everywhere.

Thank you for all your support.


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