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VMJC Responds to Swedish Media Questions

21 February 2005

Dear Ula-Lene

Thank you for your support and willingness to help my case. I will be happy to answer your questions and to have them published in the Swedish media.

* Your reaction about Swedens NO when you asked for political asylum:

It was a great disappointment to me when the Swedeish government decided not to give me political asylum because not only did they ignore my imprisonment and isolation for 18 years, a hard life under the Israeli spy organisation, but also on my release after serving my full term, the Israelis did not allow me to leave the country. I expect the Swedish government to intervene on behalf of my freedom of speech and movement. So it is not only NO for my human rights but in fact it is YES to Israel's inhuman restrictions on me. We expect the Swedish government to intervene, to protect human rights as they did when they protested against the restriction of the movements of Jews in communist Russia during the 1970s. Now we have same case here and all the world is silent.

* How Israel treats you:
* All the restrictions you have: After 18 years in prison you are still not a free man.
What can you do? What can you NOT do ??

The restrictions are: I am not allowed to leave the country for one year from April 21, 2004; I am not allowed to speak to foreigners; I am not allowed to travel freely in Israel (I should report to the police everyday where I am going, where I am staying); I am not allowed to approach airports or crossing borders.

* What do you think will happen the 21/4 ?

I am optimistic and hope the Israeli government will end the restrictions and allow me to leave the country because I am speaking and meeting foreigners since my release last year, proving to them that I don't have any more secrets, but we don't yet know what they will decide and it is possible that they will give me another year under restrictions.

* Do you think you will have a new punishment in jail or ...

As long as I am here under the Israeli occupation they can arrest me any time they want, they can accuse me of any crime and they can put me on trial and in prison again in spite of my having served the full sentence for that very important act of revealing nuclear secrets. For that reason we want the free world to intervene, to help me to get out of Israel's control.

* Do you regret what you did when you gave Sunday Times the information about nuclear plant Dimona ?

Of course, absolutely NOT, I am delighted and happy that I suceeded to inform the world about Israel's nuclear dangers. I believe that this revelation in fact helped to prevent a nuclear war in the Middle East, and open the way for peace in the Middle East and stopped any future war. So in spite of paying a very heavy price for that revelation, the act was necessary and important to promote peace and the denuclearisation of the Middle East. All that is left now is for the Western States to demand Israel to open Dimona nuclear plant for inspection.

For the above reasons, we are expecting the Swedish government, and all Scandinavian states, to intervene on my behalf to leave the country and start to enjoy freedom as a human being in the free world. Here in Israel I cannot exercise my freedom and am not treated as an equal citizen, especially my conversion to Christianity makes it impossible for the Israelis to respect my rights and to respect me as an equal citizen. So I look forward to the Swedish government reconsidering their decision and helping me get out of Israel as soon as possible or at least to demand Israel to respect my freedom of speech and movement.

Best regards


Vanunu Mordechai, John Crossman, VMJC.
Kidnapped from Rome by Israeli secret agents Sept. 30, 1986.
Served 18 years in prison for revealing Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons secrets.
Elected Rector of Glasgow University Dec' 2004.
In sanctuary at St. George Cathedral,
My address. St George Cathedral.
20 Nablus Rd.
East Jerusalem, PO Box 19122.

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