The U.S. Campaign   
the renewal of the restrictions  
and the new charges   
against Mordechai Vanunu.  
We call on Israel  
to lift the restrictions   
and let him go.  
tell everyone you know  

"I did not seek to harm Israel,   
but rather to warn of   
an enormous danger.   
I do not seek to harm Israel now.  
I want to work   
for world peace   
and the abolition   
of nuclear weapons.   
I want the human race to  

The U.S. Campaign   
to Free Mordechai Vanunu

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Apr 12 2005: from Mordechai Vanunu:
Restrictions Renewed for Another Year

Apr 12 2005: from Reuters:
Israel's Vanunu Tried for Breaking Restrictions

Apr 12 2005: from the U.S. Campaign:
Please Immediately Protest This Continued Persecution of Mordechai Vanunu

Apr 4 2005: from Mordechai Vanunu:
Hearing to be held Apr 12: A List of the Charges

Apr 3 2005: from Haaretz:
U.S. Says Israel Must Give Up Nukes

Mar 28 2005: from Haaretz:
Arbitrator: Reactor Workers Cannot Blame Cancer on Radiation

Mar 17 2005: from the U.S. Campaign:
Charges Served Against Vanunu

Please Protest Immediately This Continued Persecution of Vanunu

Posted Mar 17 2005: from the U.S. Campaign:
From the Blog -
Comments from the Petition Signers

(These in .PDF format)

Mar 13 2005: from the Times/UK:
Revealed: Israel Plans Strike on Iranian Nuclear Plant

Mar 2 2005: from
Attacking Iran: I Know it Sounds Crazy, But...

Apr 12 2005: from the Jerusalem Post:
Vanunu Asks Court to Abort Trial

March 24 2005: from
Vanunu Faces New Prison Term - Will They Bury Him?

March 20 2005: from the Sunday Times:
Vanunu Defiant as Israel Brings New Charges

Apr 5 2005: from Fredrik Heffermehl:
Norwegian Peace Prize for Vanunu

Apr 4 2005: from the U.S. Campaign:
Reminder to Contact the Israeli Embassy in Your Country

Mar 28 2005: from the International Campaign:
Whistleblower Given Early Trial Date

posted Mar 28 2005: from Daniel Ellsberg:
On the New Charges Against Vanunu

Mar 23 2005: from Haaretz:
Horev's Obsession with Vanunu

Mar 17 2005: from Haaretz:
Vanunu indicted over violation of restricting terms of release

Mar 17 2005: from the Associated Press:
Israeli Whistleblower Vanunu Indicted

Mar 16 2005: from Mordechai Vanunu:
My Statement to the Knesset Committee

Mar 16 2005: from the International Campaign:
Knesset Committee Cancels Debate of Vanunu's Restrictions

Mar 10 2005: from the International Campaign:
Knesset Committee Asked to Debate Vanunu's Restrictions

International Call-In Days for Vanunu's Freedom

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The ticking time bomb in the Negev Desert is still ticking, marking danger for the people of Israel and all neighboring countries. The calls for international inspection of the Dimona nuclear facility are growing louder, particularly from Israel's near neighbors. Even Dimona workers are now drawing attention to unsafe working conditions that are causing cancers and other illnesses.

If an Iraqi nuclear technician in the last decade had come forward to reveal previously unknown information about a secret Iraqi nuclear arsenal, that person would be hailed as a courageous hero. Mordechai Vanunu's act was courageous and heroic.

Now we see that Iraq's nuclear threat was never rebuilt, Libya has publicly abandoned nuclear ambitions, and Iran has opened up to nuclear inspections. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, has recently urged Israel to dismantle its nuclear weapons program.

In the new global war climate, and with escalating conflict in the Middle East, Mordechai Vanunu's message of nuclear abolition resonates ever more loudly.


"Well you can put there my thanks greeting to all those who wrote.   If they want to receive my letters they can write me."
-Mordechai's response to those who signed the petition

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April 21, 2004.

On this momentous day, Mordechai Vanunu walked out of the prison that had confined him for nearly 18 years.

But he isn't free yet.

Upon his release from prison, Israel immediately forbid Vanunu to leave the country, and imposed other severe restrictions on him. The Israeli government claims Vanunu plans to tell even more state secrets.

But this is absurd. Mordechai Vanunu was locked away from the world for almost 18 years, after telling everything he knew to the London Sunday Times back in 1986. He has no more secrets to reveal and is not a threat to the security of the state of Israel.

On March 17, 2005, Israeli authorities served a 22 count indictment on Mordechai Vanunu for violating his restrictions, principally for his interviews with foreign media. Vanunu asserts, "These restrictions can't be honored because they violate human rights."

Now, on April 12, Vanunu learned that his restrictions have been renewed, and unless they're lifted he won't be able to leave Israel until at least April 2006.

Considering that his restrictions have been renewed, and that if convicted of the new charges he faces 3 more years in prison - and because he wants to leave Israel so he can rebuild his life - we continue to work for his full freedom.

We need your help NOW to apply maximum pressure and demand that they unconditionally release Mordechai Vanunu!

“One of my great encouragement and happiness in the first year [in prison] was to know that all London was covered by all those [censored]; the very secret place underground had become papers for covering dead fish and meat in the markets and so on; the most secrets that no one hear or saw, now they are equal to wrapping or just garbage papers. The secret of the building and the [nuclear weapons] secrets collapsed without any bombs, without killing anyone. That was the great power of a nonviolent act.”
-Mordechai Vanunu, March 12, 2002, on the publication of his photos in 1986 in the London Sunday Time

"Mordechai Vanunu is not a traitor,  
he is an Israeli hero.  
The nuclear bomb does not protect Israel,  
it endangers Israel."  
-Issam Makhoul, Knesset Member

Jan 24 2005: from Haaretz:
[Mossad]: Egypt, Syria have Nuclear Programs, as well as Iran

Jan 11 2005: from Defense News:
Israeli Official Urges Space-Based Weapons

Jan 10 2005: from the CPT:
The Mordecai Vanunu Interviews: Last Installment

Jan 8 2005: from the CPT:
Mordecai Vanunu and the Double Standard

3 Jan 05: from Reuters:
'Atom School' Stars in First Israeli Reactor Video

19 Dec 04: from Haaretz:
Nobel Laureate Compares Israeli Nuclear Arms to Gas Chambers

10 Dec 04: from Haaretz:
Is Dimona's Reactor Suffering From Old Age?

6 Dec 04: from Haaretz:
Vanunu: Israeli Nukes Push Neighbor States to Get Atomic Arms

6 Dec 04: from Fredrik Heffermehl and Mordechai Vanunu:
Please see these three interesting websites concerning Dimona:

18 Nov 04: from the Muslim Observer:
'Enough, Vanunu!' (click on image for larger cartoon)

24 Sep 04: from Haaretz:
Israel Agrees to Inspections of Atomic Monitoring Stations (but not Dimona)

29 Aug 04: from Haaretz:
Jordan to Check for Possible Radiation from Dimona

25 Jul 04: from Haaretz:
Vanunu tells Al Hayat: Dimona reactor endangers millions

22 Jul 04: from the Associated Press:
Israeli Government to Distribute Radiation Sickness Pills

07 Jul 04: from the Telegraph:
Israel Stands Firm Over Its Nuclear Secrets

AP Photo 11 July 04

Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who was freed from prison in April, 2004 stands in front of the separation wall during a protest against the controversial Israeli security barrier in East Jerusalem August 27, 2004.
REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

The U.S. Campaign congratulates  Mordechai Vanunu  on his nomination (again) for the Nobel Peace Prize.  

Feb 21 2005: from Mordechai Vanunu:
My Response to Swedish Media Questions

Feb 11 2005: from Mordechai Vanunu:
My Trip to the Police Station for Questioning

Jan 26 2005: from the BBC:
Israel Bars Senior BBC Producer

Jan 21 2005: from the International Campaign:
International Delegation to go to Israel in April 2005

Jan 4 2005: from Dag og Tid:
"I Saw Myself as Free"

Dec 28 2004: from Haaretz:
Let Him Go

25 Dec 04: from AFP:
Nuclear whistleblower Vanunu freed after arrest for Bethlehem entry bid

21 Dec 04: from the CPT:
From the Inside Looking Out:
Mordecai Vanunu

19 Dec 04: from the International Campaign:
Whistleblower Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Laureate Mairead Maguire

14 Dec 04: from Felice Cohen-Joppa:
Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower:
Released from Prison, but Not Yet Free

3 Dec 04: from Mairead Maguire:
Nomination of Mordechai Vanunu for Nobel Peace Prize

The U.S. Campaign  
congratulates Dr. Vanunu  
on his election as
new Rector of Glasgow University! 

15 Dec 04: from the Scotsman:
Vanunu Elected University Rector

15 Dec 04: from Glasgow University News:
University Students Elect New Rector

2 Dec 04: from the UK Parliament:
Israel's New Detention of Mr. Vanunu

29 October 04: from Mordechai Vanunu:
A Resume

To send books, CDs, etc., to Mordechai Vanunu, you may send them to him c/o the postal address below. Mordechai prefers, however, to receive email!

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