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The ticking time bomb in the Negev Desert is still ticking, marking danger for the people of Israel and all neighboring countries. The calls for international inspection of the Dimona nuclear facility are growing louder, particularly from Israel's near neighbors.

But Mordechai, sad to say, has three more years left to serve. The length of time he must continue to bear his terrible burden will depend very much on you and me and others committed to helping free this brave man, and advance his cause of a nuclear-free world.


Eight hundred and eighty-four.

If you can believe the word of the State of Israel, that is the number of days that remain before Mordechai Vanunu can be released from prison for the crime of telling the world the truth about his governmentís secret nuclear weapons program.

That information comes from Mordechaiís brother Asher, a Jerusalem school administrator, who said officials at Ashkelon Prison had given Vanunu an ďout-dateĒ of April 22, 2004, just five months short of completion of his 18-year sentence.

Israel once claimed that the transcript of Vanunuís closed door trial was so sensitive it could never be made public. But a year ago, bending to public pressure, it released most of the trial record and permitted the Knessetís first open debate on nuclear secrecy.

Then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak, seeking to shore up his right-wing support, hinted for months that Vanunu could never be safely set free because of the state secrets locked in his brain. But, bowing to world-wide pressure, his government set an official release date - albeit one that is intolerably distant.

Pressure from his supporters in America and abroad has pried open the lock on Mordechaiís isolation cell and the lock on the policy of secrecy by which his government and our own have protected Israelís illicit production of weapons of mass destruction. Continuing pressure on the current Sharon administration can shorten Vanunuís suffering and strengthen the cause of nuclear abolition.


U.S. Campaign
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U.S. Campaign's Fall 2001 newsletter:

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Apr 22: from the Norwegian campaign:

Vanunu to be Named Doctor of Honour at Tromsoe University

March 18: from the London Sunday Times:

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Circulate the petition to support nomination of Vanunu for the Nobel Peace Prize

Selected articles from the
U.S. Campaign's Spring 2001 newsletter:

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Nov 11:
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Sept 28: from Daniel Rohrlich:
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(a photo from the Hiroshima Vigil, Sep 30 2001)

Reports from the Worldwide Vigils for Vanunu, Sep 25 - 30:

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Sept 21: We are reprinting three poems by Mordechai, for use in the upcoming vigils.
Hiroshima - 50 Years
The Agent Who Didn't Come Back from the Cold
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updated Sept 13: from the UK Campaign:

24-Hour Worldwide Vigil Planned for Vanunu

received Aug 28: from Mordechai Vanunu:

A Message of Hope

Aug 28: from the Bay Area Campaign:

An Invitation to the Bay Area Vigil for Vanunu

Aug 8: from Rayna Moss:

On Hiroshima Day - KM Urges Pardon for Vanunu

Jul 26: from Jerusalem:

Clergy Visit Mordechai Vanunu

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New Vanunu Book Published

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Crackdown by the Defense Ministry Security Department

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Cancer victims protest at Israel's nuclear plant

Feb. 2001: reprinted from The (LA) Catholic Agitator:

An Interview with Sam Day

Adopting Mordechai Vanunu

Vanunu needs your letters!
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The U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu
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P.O. Box 43384
Tucson, AZ 85733 USA
Phone/fax: (520)323-8697

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